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Minetest is not only an awesome game, but also a game engine that allows you to extend it's functionality with new items, nodes, tools and other features.

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I dont know ahmm...put some other game mods make the torch 3d and lastly make the game more faster please :D

[THE]BEAST 1 week ago

more fps boost would be nice for crap computers

tobykevsmoshhigapie 1 week ago

For a recipe guide, click gamewiki at the bottom of this site.

Cornernote 2 weeks ago

Something likes this:

Lord_james 3 weeks ago

acho que deviam colocar mais mobs no minetest ... quee fique mais dificil sobreviver a noite e mais minerios para uma nova versa ode minetets

sergio renan 3 weeks ago

Could it be possible add a "CookBook" with recipes? Thank to this section, It could be possible catch new ideas and improve this codes all the modders.

Lord_james 3 weeks ago

add something that explains how to include other files:


cornernote 4 weeks ago

If you notice anything missing, or have example code then please submit a comment.

cornernote 4 weeks ago

add a page with this

admin 1 month ago

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